Families of Hope

Our Families of Hope program is an exciting way for you to partner with a family in Uganda.  There are some 8 million Ugandans living below the national poverty line.  Thus, most of our families live on less than a dollar a day.  Rural families are most vulnerable as they are farmers who rely on their own crops and livestock to feed their families.  According to the Rural Poverty Portal, “farmers lack inputs and technology to help them increase their production and reduce pests and disease. They also lack access to financial services, which would enable them to boost their incomes – both by improving and expanding their production, and by establishing small enterprises.”  Families of Hope aims to help by aiding our Uganda families with support through education, business development and job training.

Often needs will arise for our families as one time donations.  Donations for mattresses, mosquito nets, and livestock are always welcome.  Your giving to Families of Hope will allow us to care for the most critical needs as they arise.

Many of the families in our program are HIV+ households.  While they receive their medication through a government program, those meds are only effective with proper nutrition and good sanitation.  We are currently raising funds to secure:

-          A water tank for Bibbo school

-          Buckets of Love

-          Pit latrines

-          Child sponsorships

Sponsoring Pit Latrines

Imagine having nothing more than some branches holding up tattered cloth outside for your toilet facilities.   Beyond the dignity that a proper pit latrine brings, it is critical for HIV+ households to have proper sanitation.  According to USAID, a proper pit latrine can reduce diarrhea risk by 31% and overall illness by 37%.

Buckets of Love

USAID found that households supplied with soap are 42% less likely to fall ill.  Our Buckets of Love aims to supply our families with soap and other items needed for proper nutrition like rice, beans, salt, sugar and cooking oil.  These buckets cost as little as $30 and are supplied by our own Families of Hope merchants, mothers who own stores and sell goods to supply their children’s school fees and feed their families.    This gives you the ability to help multiple families in our program.


Child Sponsorship

In Uganda, families must pay for schooling.  Private schools are where a majority of children attend and many board, as Uganda was a British colony in the early part of last century.  Government schools only provide a subsidy, are not as competitive academically and there are simply fewer of them.   Ugandans very much value education but the cost to send one child to school can cripple a family.  Recently a peer reviewed study was completed by Dr. Bruce Wydick, which looked at child sponsorships, specifically in Uganda.  This study found that Ugandan sponsored children remained in school an average of 2.4 years longer than their non-sponsored peers.  This 2 years could mean the difference between eligibility for trade school and University for most children. In addition, sponsored children are 50-80% more likely to finish University.

Sponsorship is a wonderful way to not only walk alongside a child but support the whole family.  Many parents are forced to choose between feeding their family and paying school fees.  Families of Hope is committed to helping ease the burdens of our families by sponsoring school fees.  Our sponsorships are tiered to accommodate for the increasing fees as children move from primary, secondary and finally trade school or university.  Our sponsorships are:

-          $35 a month provides for a child in primary school.  Children are typically in primary school for 7 years.

-          $50 a month provides for a child in secondary school.  Children are in secondary school for 4 years to qualify for trade school and 6 years to qualify for university.

Sponsorship affords a child the ability to learn with a full belly and gives them hope as they receive your support through letters and prayer.  In addition to letters, you may send your sponsored child gifts and school supplies or make a donation towards needed supplies to be bought in country.

Many of our donors have been able to walk alongside a single family by combining all of our areas of need.  Church small groups have sponsored pit latrines, individual donors have paid for buckets, and school classrooms have raised funds for one time needs.  We would love for you to be creative in your ability to partner with us in our Families of Hope Program.

For more detailed information, please contact our Families of Hope Liaison, Sarah Jackson here.