$15,000 is a lot of money.  It can purchase a car.  It could be a down payment on a home.  But, in Uganda....it can pay salaries for an entire medical staff for one year....multiple doctors, nurses and administrators.  An entire year.

Through the generous people of Grace Covenant church, God raised up $40,000 to build St. John medical clinic in Mukono, Uganda.  There is a detailed plan on sustainability, but that takes time.  Until that happens (which we believe will take one year) God planted a seed for "staff sponsorships".  We are so excited that Project HOPEFUL has said YES to partnering on this and all donations will be TAX-DEDUCTIBLE!  Please pray about this opportunity and if you feel led to partner on this, you can use the links below to sign up.

Sponsorship options

Already, we are hearing reports of people giving their lives to Christ as they receive care at the clinic.  Faith comes through hearing donated Proclaimers which the clinic plays throughout the day.  This is so exciting!  We look forward to seeing all that God has planned in Uganda.