How did we get here?

Thank you for visiting Genda Uganda!  Genda means "Go" in Luganda. Our Lord and Savior, Christ Jesus, set forth the purpose of every Christian with His command and commission, to "Go and make disciples..." in Matthew 28:19. The term "go" isn't limited to mission trips and far away lands, it is a lifestyle of discipleship regardless of location. We are called to make disciples at home in Austin, Tx just as equally as where ever the Lord sends us around the world; it just happens that He has sent us to Uganda to partner with Him and the local church in this ministry. So we joyfully "Genda Uganda" and see that every ministry that we do is centered on making disciples of Christ Jesus, whether by strengthening the church, supporting a medical clinic, or visiting and ministering to orphans and widows, it is all discipleship!

Before we do anything else, we thought it was really important to share, in a brief summary, how we got here.

*  May 2nd, 2010 - While preparing to travel to Ethiopia for our 1st mission trip, we met a gentleman named Richard from Uganda.  He saw the jewelry I was making to raise funds for the orphans in Ethiopia using paper beads and told me his father had a ministry where women made these beads.

*  June 2010 - Receive email from Richard saying "when" you come to Uganda, you can stay in my fathers home to which I kindly reply, "I am not planning to come to Uganda as I am involved in Ethiopia ministries but thank you"

*  January 2011 - Two women board a plane, travel across the world to go to a country they've never been to to stay at the home of people they've never met.  Lives forever changed.

*  February 2011 - God puts adoption on our heart

*  July 15th 2011 - We say YES to adoption but immediately panic.  Uganda requires an inquiry trip.  How on earth would we afford to get there?

*  July 22nd 2011 - Samaritans purse calls and asks if I would escort a mama and her baby who had heart surgery here in Austin home to Uganda....all expenses paid.  You can read more details on that here.

*  January 10th 2012 - find out about our son, Joseph

*  March 2012 - Receive an email from Richard about building St. John medical clinic in Mukono

*  April 2012 - travel back to Uganda to see grounds for clinic and hear plans.  God puts widow sponsorship on my heart after meeting 24 HIV+ mamas

*  May 2012 - Richard travels to US and God raises $40,000 in one week to build St. Johns medical clinic

* Memorial day 2012 - We receive court date to go get Joseph

* June 29th 2012 - We meet Joseph for the first time


* July 5th 2012 - Ground breaking ceremony for St. John's medical clinic

*  August 8th 2012 - Receive embassy approval to take Joseph home

*August 13th 2012 - begin our journey home.  As we head out we visit clinic one last time.

* January 9th 2013 - Travel to Uganda to launch the HOPE+ sisterhood Uganda with Project HOPEFUL.  Within 2 weeks, God provides sisters for 36 HIV+ widows in Uganda!

* April 2013 - John travels to Uganda with a team consisting of Pastor Tom Sanchez, his brother Steve Sanchez, Dr. Peter Hines and our faithful brother from China, Patrick Smith. Collectively the team ministered through pastor and family conferences, assessing the current operations and attending the grand opening of St. John medical clinic in Mukono, along with touring Victor's Christian School and the True Vine Ministries operations throughout the rural areas of Mukono and handing out Proclaimers from Faith Come By Hearing ministries for the advancement of the Gospel.

* May 2013 - Richard travels to US again and God gives us the name for this ministry....Genda Uganda.

And the journey continues..........