Still in awe....

I'm continually amazed at what happens when we truly let go and let God have the wheel.  It's humbling and so very inspiring.  It's what fuels me in this ministry really.  Without God, none of this would be happening.  He is the Master craftsman and the tapestry He has woven simply wouldn't exist without His divine intervention.

In January while in Uganda, I found out my dear sister Maggie was pregnant.  Maggie is a social worker at Victors Christian school and she is also one of our staff for the HOPE+ sisterhood.  The clinic was not finished yet but I asked her where she would be giving birth.  She said "Lord willing, right here".  She was referring to the medical clinic.

In April, John was in Uganda for the grand opening celebration.  The clinic was open for business but we still needed a lot of medical equipment.  In June, we were blessed with donations for staff salaries, a gynecology bed and an ultrasound machine.
So, should I be even remotely surprised that beautiful Maggie was the first mama to give birth at the clinic just days after all the equipment arrived?  No.  Because God is so faithful.

I received an email on Friday from my brother Richard about an amazing opportunity to get some pressurized orthopedic beds.  A ministry in Jinja received a container shipment of medical supplies but they had to pay a substantial amount in taxes to the government.  They offered to give the clinic 5 beds if they would help pay the taxes.  We needed $705.  These beds would cost over $3000 easily if purchased from a medical supplier in Kampala.  I prayed and I knew God was leading me to fundraise so I told Richard I would work on raising funds.  In 2 days, the funds were raised and I had the privilege and honor...once let my dear brother know that we had the funds!

I never know how and when God will show up and show He always does.

2 of our HOPE+ mamas gave birth over the past few months and PRAISE BE TO GOD.....both babies are HIV negative!!!  These mamas have been working hard creating their businesses.  They are earning incomes which allows them to get adequate nutrition.  They receive FREE medical care from the clinic and are counseled regularly on the importance of their meds.  Did you know that when an HIV+ person takes their medication regularly and has adequate nutrition that their HIV levels can become undetectable which helps prevent transmission to their babies through birth and breast feeding?  Just look at these beautiful faces!!!

Pastor Tom Sanchez' brother Stephen also visited Uganda in April.  God put a school on his heart.  A husband and wife were raising funds to build a school in a very rural area.  Sadly, the husband died and his widow has not been able to complete the school.  Stephen has been fundraising and has raised over $5000 to complete this school.  How awesome is that?

John and I have been praying for some time now about what God has for us in Uganda.  The biggest question we have been praying about is "should we start a non profit".  God answered some pretty specific prayers through a good friend of ours who is an attorney.  She a matter of days....what would have literally taken John and I a year (or more) to do.  We are prayerfully taking this one day at a time and we are completely dependent on God for this to happen.  If it is His will happen in His perfect time.  We are so thankful that Dr. Peter Hines (who traveled to Uganda with John in April) and our brother Richard have both agreed to be on the board.

Would you join us in praying?  Every bit of this has to be of God and we only want to follow Him.  Pray that Jesus is seen through the staff at the clinic.  Pray for wisdom as decisions are made.  Mostly pray for God to be glorified through everything that is done.  Pray for financial provision.  There is still approximately $8000 that needs to be raised for staff salaries and approximately $18,000 of medical equipment that is needed.  If you feel the Lord leading you to partner with us in Genda Uganda or to help raise these funds, please send us an email and let's talk!  All donations will be tax-deductible.

Thank you friends for all your continued love, prayer and support.

In Christ,
John & Dawn