What He starts....He finishes

I hope the day never comes where I stop being surprised at the way God provides.  What appears to be too big is NEVER too big for God.  I can recall many times, laying on my bed literally feeling sick to my stomach telling Him why I couldn't do this, or couldn't do that.  If only I knew that He wasn't asking me to do THIS or THAT, He just wanted obedience from me.  Obedience to share the need.  He would provide the way.

In July 2012, while adopting our son Joseph, we visited a rural school in Bibbo, Uganda.  Because of extreme poverty, many young girls miss school during their cycles because they can't afford feminine products.  My Mom started a sweet ministry of making washable sanitary products and we were delivering them to this school.  I was told this was one of the neediest schools in the area.  I was overwhelmed when I saw the school.  The first picture is the principals office. They shared with me that it was a widow who was running the school.  They were in the process of building a new school and her husband was killed.  Fundraising stopped for the school but this precious woman of God pressed on and kept the school running.
Fast forward to April 2013 when a team of gentleman made their way to Uganda.  Two of the men were Pastor Tom Sanchez and his brother Steve.  Steve was extremely moved by the widow, Agnes who runs the school.  He felt God pressing it on his heart to fundraise to complete the school Agnes and her husband started.  Below is a photo of the uncompleted school.

On August 12th, I received an email from Steve and in the subject line it said "Celebrate".  He shared with us that the fundraising was COMPLETE and he had just placed in the mail the funds needed to complete the Bibbo school project!  How AWESOME is our God?

Something struck me as I looked at one of the pictures Steve sent.  Do you see what I see in this picture?
The VERY first thing I saw when I looked at this picture was the children's feet.  Most of them do not have shoes.  In Uganda, there is a horrible problem with jiggers.  It just so happens that I have dear friends who run a ministry called Sole Hope.  And....It also just so happens that in January of this year....they moved to Jinja which is about an hour away from this school.  AND it just so happens I had the pleasure of introducing Dru (founders husband) to Richard Kibirango in March 2012 when we both just happened to be in Uganda at the same time.  Even as I write this I am blown away at the "God"incidences here.  Sole Hope not only does jigger removal, but they are also are training Ugandans in the art of shoe making!  They have provided shoes to children at Victors Christian school.  Even as I write this I am blown away at the "God"incidences here. 
Aren't these shoes adorable?  So, what does it cost to construct a pair of shoes AND be able to employ Ugandan tailors to construct these awesome shoes?  $9.  Yup, just $9.  You can probably see where this is going, can't you?  Anxious to see what God does with this.

I believe God has plans for this little school in Bibbo.  Not to us, O LORD, not to us but to your name be the glory, because of your love and faithfulness.  Psalm 115:1

Thank you for following along on this journey.  If you want to know more about Genda Uganda, please drop us an email, we'd LOVE to hear from you!