Shoes for the children of Bibbo

One of our days in Uganda was spent measuring the feet of children from Bibbo school in Uganda.  Most of these children did not have shoes to protect their feet.  Jiggers (sand fleas...NOT to be confused with chiggers) is a huge problem in Uganda.  Sand fleas embed themselves in the feet of children, lay eggs and cause a long list of problems.  Just days after we returned home from Uganda, this article was in a Ugandan newspaper:
This is such a tragedy since jiggers are completely preventable.

Over the years, I have been blessed to get to know the Collie family who founded Sole Hope.  Their ministry not only does outreach missions to remove the jiggers from the feet of children, they provide training on how to prevent jiggers and provide them with shoes.

After seeing how many children were without shoes in Bibbo, we have decided to partner with Sole Hope and put shoes on the feet of 300 children.

What does it cost?  $9 per child.  That $9 doesn't just provide shoes for a provides employment to local Ugandans.  Sole Hope currently provides employment to 25 Ugandans.

Recently, our friends at Sole Hope came upon the worst jiggers they'd ever seen.  You can read about it here.  We had the pleasure of meeting these children and were so happy to see that their feet were healing beautifully!  This would not have been the case had Sole Hope not been there to help. do you help?  Simple.  By using the button below to make a $9 donation to Sole Hope.  When we travel to Uganda in January, we will be removing the jiggers from the feet of these children and delivering them their new shoes.

Thank you for being the hands....AND FEET....of Jesus.