We're back........

To say we had a "good trip" is an understatement.  It was an amazing trip.  AH-MAZING!  I could spend hours sharing stories with you but I am going to try my best do do a short recap.

The first and probably most amazing experience was being able to watch Pastor Stephen receive the news that the church they have been trying to build for 4 years HAS BEEN FUNDED!  Only God.  This is the miracle we got to witness.
At the end of church, we arranged for the entire church to walk to the grounds where they have been building their church.  John called Pastor Stephen and shared the news with him.  I have never in my life seen such a celebration.  There were no dry eyes.

We had the pleasure of visiting Bibbo school....the school Steve Sanchez and friends raised funds for.  They are likely to finish the school in November!
While we were there, we measured the feet of 100's of children as we prepare to raise funds for shoes for 300 children.  We noticed several children had jiggers in their feet and we believe this shoe drive will be a tremendous blessing to them.  

 Also while we were at the school, I visited with Gorrett.  This is not the first time I've met her but this time I felt God nudging me to ask her about her condition.  Gorrett has hypothyroidism.  My daughter has hypothyroidism.  We have the luxury of insurance and medication.  Gorrett does not.  The goiter in her throat has been growing since 2003.  She sometimes stops breathing when she eats, she has difficulty swallowing and is losing weight and she is in constant pain.  We made arrangements for her to visit the International hospital Kampala.  For Gorrett to have labs run, surgery & hospital stay, it would cost $1720 dollars.  We have committed to raising funds to help this precious woman.  If you are interested in helping with Gorrett's surgery, you can use the donation link above and just indicate "Gorrett surgery".

We had 36 women graduate from the HOPE+ sisterhood and it was a true celebration.  We had 2 healthy HIV- babies born to their HIV+ mamas which is a HUGE praise. 

We interviewed 23 new women to be part of the next HOPE+ sisterhood.  Each and every one of them has an amazing story and we loved them all.

We were taken care of and loved on by the beautiful people of Uganda in ways that humbled us and brought us to tears.                                                                                                                                                                                                                         
         If you would like to get any additional information on how to get involved in any of the projects mentioned, please email me us @ gendauganda@gmail.com 

Enjoy these amazing videos of the children from Bibbo school and Gertrude, one of our HOPE+ sisters celebrating when we delivered beans to them.

In Christ,