Looking back at 2013.....

What an amazing, AMAZING year it has been for the ministries in Uganda.  When we sat down to look at all that God had done over the year we were awe struck.   We asked ourselves "How did all this happen?"  The complexly simple answer is God.  God made it all happen.  We didn't have to scramble or scream.  We didn't have to sweat or fret.  He made it all happen and we can't take one bit of credit.

We thought you would enjoy seeing everything that took place in 2013 so here you go:

1.  St. John Medical Clinic was finished
2.  Medical equipment was donated by Welch Allyn
3.  An gynecological bed was donated
4.  First baby was born at St. John Medical clinic
5.  An ultrasound machine was donated
6.  3 HIV negative babies were born to HIV+ mamas
7.  51 women entered the HOPE+ sisterhood program
8.  Funds were received to build a primary school in Bibbo
9.  Funds were received to finish building the church in Bibbo
10.  Funds were received to build a new church in Nakibole for the HOPE+ sisters
11.  Solar panels for the medical clinic were donated which means we can now get vaccines from the government
12.  10 children are being sponsored for primary, secondary or advanced education
13.  Funds were donated to pay off a widows home loan
14.  Funds were received to finish building True Vine church in Mukono
15.  Through Project HOPEFUL's Christmas with purpose program, the following was donated:

15 malaria treatments
Food to feed a family for 24 months or 24 families for 1 month
10 baby goats
18 baby pigs
12 live chickens
7 mosquito nets
7 mattresses
Nurse salary for 1 month
Doctor salary for 2 months

16.  300 pairs of shoes were donated for the children in Bibbo 
17.  9 months of staff salaries for the clinic were donated
18.  Last, but certainly not least....in fact MOST IMPORTANT, at least 3 muslim women who entered the HOPE+ program have given their lives to Christ.  Ultimately....this is what it's all about.

We praise God for all that He has made happen for these beautiful, amazing people that we love so dearly.

A team of 5 women will be leaving on Sunday, January 12th.  We will be distributing the shoes as well as working with Sole Hope which we are very excited about.  We also will have a film crew join us as we meet with several of HOPE+ sisters.  Project HOPEFUL believes so strongly in the work that is being done in Uganda and wants to be able to effectively share it with more people.  

Please pray for us and the families we will leave behind.  Our hope is that we are always Spirit led and that God's will is done.  Please also pray for safety and health for those of us traveling and for the Daddy's who are caring for the kiddos at home.

We will be continuing to raise funds for a security fence and staff salaries in early 2014.  We are also going to begin sponsoring more children.  If you feel led to do either, please send us an email.  Thank you for your love, prayers and continued support.

In Christ,