Hello from Jinja!

The guys travelled to Jinja today which is the source of the Nile.  The took a boat ride out to the very source but because the waters were high, they had to take off their shoes, roll up their pants and walk in the River Nile!  

From the team:

We had a wonderful day of rest and fun as we took the team to Jinja. We headed straight for the Nile river and enjoyed a great tour of the Nile and the Source, even saw a 10' cobra swimming across the Nile! The Nile was swollen with recent rain so we had an adventure rolling up our pants and walking out to the sign barefooted. What a scene it must have been for the locals as they watched all these big Muzungu's  taking baby steps and walking gingerly over sharp and slippery rocks. Afterwards we headed over to downtown Jinja for lunch and gift shopping. As much as a group of men can enjoy shopping, we had fun bartering for the lowest prices as we went from shop to shop. All in all, we survived shopping and enjoyed some great fellowship. We ended the day with a soda at the Jinja Nile Resort before heading back to Pastor Stephens. 

As expected, we have been met with amazing love and hospitality. We are all in good spirits and excited to get to work on the pit latrine tomorrow.

They were also able to FaceTime so I was able To grab a shot of each guy.  It sounds like they had a great night I rest and everyone is having a wonderful time so far.

Tomorrow they begin construction on Rose's latrine.  Please pray for the men to be vessels of Christ's love in Nakibole (pronounced Nach-i-bol-a) and for continued bonding and fellowship.

In Christ,