To Uganda they genda ((GO))....

In just 6 days, a team of wonderful men from Grace will be making their way to serve in Uganda!  You know the excitement is brewing when you get text messages from a team mate in Luganda (one of the primary languages spoken in Uganda). 

The question most asked is "what will y'all be doing".  Several things will be taking place on this trip.  The first thing the men will be doing is completing construction of a pit latrine for one of Project HOPEFUL's HOPE+ sisters, Rose.  Rose has been the leader of Wamama Watumieni (Mamas of HOPE) before Project HOPEFUL every came into the picture.  She gathered other HIV+ women together and taught them to "live positively".  So many women live in shame from HIV and Rose helped give them a voice and encouraged them to live in Jesus truth and have no shame.

As with many families living in rural areas of Uganda, toilets are a pure luxury.  Rose, a mama to 5 children did not have a  proper latrine.  When this was discovered, I asked my dear friend Richard if that would be beneficial for her.  I forgot that I was speaking to someone who had their PhD in enviornmental health with an emphasis on water & sanitation in HIV+ households.  Needless to say, he agreed it would be beneficial. 

We hired a Ugandan foreman to dig the pit and pour the concrete slabs.  The men will be assisting in laying the brick work and putting on the roof.  As they are working they will have the opportunity to meet with and minister to the families living in Rose's community. 

The men will also have the opportunity to visit Bibbo school & church that was funded by Steve Sanchez and several of his friends.  This will be an exciting time of fellowship and.....breaking ground on the new building for the school!  The school and church will be dedicated to the community during this visit.

On Sunday, the men will attend church and dedicate the new church building!  This will surely be a joyous celebration.  Gary Wallis, Garrett Jackson & Ben Reading will also have the opportunity to lead worship in church.   Remember this day?

Well, that dirt mound is gone and there is a beautiful church building in it's place!  We can't wait to share photos with you!

On Monday, Steve Sanchez will have a teaching time with the social workers at Victors Christian school on grief and loss.

As most of the team returns home, John will be speaking at marriage and disciple ship conferences in Eastern Uganda.  This is very exciting as John will get to see parts of Uganda he's never seen.

We would love you to join us in prayer for the team.  Here are some things we'd love you to pray for:

1.  Safe travels
2.  No illness
3.  For each person to be able to hear what God wants them to hear and see what God wants them to see
4.  For God to be glorified in all that they do
5.  For the mamas who are staying behind with the children.
6.  For minimal jet lag and good sleep for the men while they are in country

Last...but certainly not least....the Kibirango family that will be hosting the men.  This family is an absolute god send.  They treat their guests like they are kings and queens.  Please pray for God to bless them and bless them abundantly.

We are hoping to get daily updates and will be sure to share as often as possible.

In Christ,