A day in Bibbo

Today the team set out for Bibo, a rural community which is undergoing transformation by the Grace of God! The team, along with church leaders and Mama Agnus, participated in two opening dedication ceremonies, one for the newly constructed elementary school and also for the church.

In addition, we all were blessed to be part of the ground breaking ceremony for the 2nd school building. The community was so thrilled to see the active work of The Lord being realized in a town that was once a town of sorrow, but now a town of hope!

After lunch the team got a first hand experience of a jigger removal clinic. Gary was actively removing jiggers like a pro, Ben and myself were assisting, and Garret was right in the mix taking photos. The other men were overseeing and getting a full experience as well.

What a contrast of experiences we all had in one day. The joy of hope in the morning with the realities of a broken world in the afternoon. Overall the men have once again seen the miracles of God at work here in Uganda. The men have bonded to a new depth as a band of brothers, even sharing personal testimonies with each other. We are ending our day singing worship as Gary, Garrett and Ben practice for church tomorrow! 

Blessing to our wives and kids from Uganda!