Days in Nakibole

From John: 
We had an amazing couple days meeting Rose, Gertrude and Joy, along with the other Hope + Sisters in that area. 

As we drove up to Nakabuli we were immediately greeted by Joy who was jumping up and down laughing and waving at us. As we exited the bus, Joy greeted each of us with a huge hug! She sure has a fitting name.   Joy is Gertrude's foster daughter.  Joy is a child who was horribly, horribly neglected and desperately in need of a mothers love.  Gertrude is one of our HOPE+ sisters with Project HOPEFUL who stepped out in faith and was willing to be a mother to Joy.  

We made our way into Rose's house and she introduced herself and her family. Then we headed out back to inspect the grounds and the work project. There were several aspects to the project including: 1) Tearing down the old condemned pit, goat pen and bath station, 2) leveling out the massive mound of dirt that was left from digging a 50' pit for the new latrine, and 3) erect and build brick walls and plaster the sides of the pit latrine. We had a great time learning from the local handymen and having fellowship with each other. After 1 1/2 days, mission complete!  

We also had an opportunity to visit the church where the walls and new roof were installed. We were surprised to find that the entire church was inside and greeted us with applause and joy-filled clapping. After some introductions and prayer, we were able to take a group photo. We then headed over and viewed the old shack, previous church building that the ladies took shelter in during the hail storm (team of ladies from Grace last September) to see the comparison of what they have. It truly was a blessing to see the Lord's work in such a tangible and powerful way! 

The men are continuing to be amazed at the work God is doing here in Uganda and have a new and fuller understanding of this beautiful country, people, and church community. I doubt any of them will ever be the same, in a good way!