The Kigongo boys....

Last January when we visited, we found out about a family of 6....a widowed man with 5 boys.  He was very sick and was having difficulties caring for his boys.  The boys feet were covered in jiggers and they were not attending school.

True Vine did not hesitate to scoop these boys up and enroll them in school.  Many people donated to their care and we were able to get the boys new clothes, mattresses, school uniforms and food.  The father was so relieved to have his sons being cared for.

Yesterday, we visited the boys.  They were delightful.  They are doing so well in school and their behavior is so good.  Several woman at the school love on the boys as if they were there own.  It is beautiful to watch the interaction and see the affection between the "mamas" and the boys.

Today, as we were visiting a sister, Richard got a phone call.  The boys father passed away.  We were heart broken.  5 orphans.

But for Christ......

God is in the details.  One of the "matrons" and the school adores these boys and loves children.  We are fairly sure that she will come their foster mom.  When we have more information, we will be sharing details but for now we know that someone has committed to paying their school fees for as long as the boys are in school.  But the boys will need more than school fees so we want to create a savings account for them.  

If you feel led to donate, please use the following link: and select "urgent needs" and put "Kigongo boys" in notes.

Most importantly....please pray for these boys.  Their hearts are just broken.  Pray that God would meet their every need.

In Christ,