Could you?

As I prepare for my 3rd trip to Uganda in just a year and half, my mind wanders to all the many examples God has given me to see His word is true and good.   God has my heart firmly planted on relationships.  Connecting hearts and souls together is God’s plan and it is what can cause us to lose control and melt into being God’s love to others.

I am completing a marriage study with my husband and just as God always does, He is using it to branch out my understanding of all relationships.  Like in Titus 2:3-5 where older women, wise women, are told to encourage the young women.  This causes my thoughts to wander to Florence, the young woman who has courageously decided to lose control and let God melt her into His love for 7 orphan boys.  Florence had older, wiser women, give her the example she now lives by taking care of the orphans.   

I also begin to think of the village women who have a community like none other. I see encouragement in Rose and Hajala.  Rose who chose to lose control and melt into being God’s love for vulnerable women like Hajala who didn’t know there is a great rescue plan for their life.  But now they do because Rose chose to look beyond her own hard circumstances and melt into being God’s love to these other women. 

And then there are the new families I just met back in June.  How many of these mommas and grandmommas told us they eat one meal a day because they must choose between school fees for their children and proper nutrition for all of them.  They LOVE those children.  They have the incredibly hard choice to forgo sustenance and melt into God’s love for the little souls He has entrusted to them. 

And maybe God has called you to some of these stories.  Our part of losing control will likely look more like this:

Could you forgo your coffee run, or better yet, that latte run, and take the money saved to sponsor one of these children?  For $35 a month, you get to help a child become educated which is the most important way to raise them out of poverty.  Bonus?  That momma can feed her family and you can connect with all of them through letters and pictures.

Could you dump all your loose change and give an online donation to the Village of Grace?  1 brick costs 7 cents.  How many could you buy?  My sons’ 2nd grade class raised $490 with loose change.  You would be investing in Florence and the 7 boys who call her momma.  Bonus?  That house will be there long after these 7 boys are grown.  You get to see your investment multiply as other orphans are given family. 

Could you make a donation to our Families of Hope program?  In the coming months we will have one time needs - like Naomi who needs a small refrigerator in her store so she can continue to make enough money to pay school fees for her 8 children.  Bonus?  You are helping rewrite Naomi’s story as her children are educated and able to rise above the poverty line.

"The King will reply, ‘Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.’ - Matthew 25:40

Could you?  Will you? 

Written by Sarah Jackson, Families of Hope liaison