Buckets of Love this Christmas

What is a Bucket of Love?  Well, it's exactly what it says...it's a bucket filled with love.  Honestly, something that we accidentally stumbled upon.  2 of our staff members were in Uganda and wanted to gift their sister with things they really needed.  With the help of Mama Jesca, they shopped at local shops (run by women in our program) and filled the bucket with all the essentials...soap, sugar, salt, cooking oil, toothbrushes, cups, rice, beans, school supplies for children, etc.  We try to tailor the buckets to the individual families needs.

Did you know that when an HIV+ family has access to proper sanitation and soap, it reduces illnesses by 42%?  Did you know that for most families living in poverty that soap is a luxury?

We don't want any family we work with to ever go without these basic necessities.  Ever.

This Christmas, would you consider giving a Bucket of Love to one of our precious families?  These buckets will be delivered in early 2016 when 2 teams from Grace covenant church visit Uganda on mission trips.  Each bucket costs $25.

In return, you will receive this lovely Christmas card that was created using original artwork from the Kigongo boys. 

Additionally, if you want to give a bucket in lieu of a gift to a friend or family member, we will send you a card that says "A Bucket of Love was given in your honor to a needy family in Uganda".

To donate, simply click on the donate button, select "Families of Hope" in the drop down box and put "Bucket of Love" in comments.

Thank you for your continued love, support and prayers for all the families in Uganda.