This Tuesday is Giving Tuesday and we have some really fun ways for you to give that will bless lives in Uganda.

Our first way is to purchase a Bucket of Love.  For just $30, you can make a huge difference in the lives of an HIV+ family in Uganda.  USAID found that households supplied with soap are 42% less likely to fall ill.  Our Buckets of Love aims to supply our families with soap and other items needed for proper nutrition like rice, beans, salt, sugar and cooking oil.  These buckets cost as little as $30 and are supplied by our own Families of Hope merchants, mothers who own stores and sell goods to supply their children’s school fees and feed their families.    This gives you the ability to help multiple families in our program.

To purchase a bucket, simply click on the donate button below and select "Families of Hope".  In notes, write "Bucket of Love".

The other way is by helping to furnish Village of Grace.  The home is just about finished and we expect the boys will be able to move in by Christmas!!!  How awesome is that?  But, they need some household items.  $1800 worth of goods is needed to furnish their home and I believe we can do this!  Here are the needs:

Kitchen cabinets $300

Kitchen stoves and accessories $250

Dinning set (Table and 8 chairs) $300

Living area furniture  $300

Living area table $80

7 beds $750

Mattresses and pillows for 7 beds $225

21 sets of bed sheets $300

Blankets for 7 beds $100

Fridge $300

Kitchenware $150

Curtains and curtain rods $150

Food items for the first 3 months $180

If you would like to make a donation towards the furnishings for Village of Grace, please click on the donate button below and select "Village of Grace".

Thank you so much for your continued prayers, love and support!