Kindergarten prayers

This sweet mama, Monica, has invited me into her life, and it has been nothing short of beautiful.

I thought the bond we had through short letters and pictures was fortified through quiet prayers across the ocean, 

but I had no idea what physically holding her in my arms would do to my heart and the growth it would have on my outward relationship with our Father in heaven.

Before I left for Uganda, I had been feeling selfish for longing to go for many reasons, especially because I felt as though I had nothing tangible to offer to the ministry and I just knew if I was put on the spot to give some epic speech, or, worse case scenario, was expected to give a prayer graced with intelligent and eloquent vocabulary, my thoughts would leave me and the words wouldn’t have come. To be honest, I was kind of terrified of this. I didn’t want to be vulnerable enough to have people judge my thoughts and prayers and “tarnish” my relationship with God.

But there in my Monica’s arms, time stood still as she openly welcomed and praised our Father. There, on her dirt floor, His love and grace entangled us as we wept tears of joy on each other’s shoulders. And by wept, I mean our bodies literally jostled up and down and boohooing could be heard through muddled prayers.

 This. This is why I had come. To grow. To love. To be loved and to be grown with. This is what I had been longing for, and I had refused to notice it because I had been so terrified of it. To be vulnerable with others in the relationship we jointly shared with our Creator. To allow others into the safe relationship I had with my Father that I had grown to covet and hide away too tightly.

She prayed praises to our Father and blessings over me, and I continued to weep as the impact hit hard, real hard. Why on earth had I been so terrified of my kindergarten prayers being heard by others? This was beautiful and powerful. Her heart was there on the line for all to see, but it was just her and I wrapped up in the Father. I later prayed over her, something I had only done for others a handful of times. I’m not even sure exactly what I managed to squeak out to God, but I was not going to miss this door of growth that my Monica had so lovingly held opened for me.

There is no going back now. I will love my Father outwardly, confidently, and humbly as my elementary words flow out because God held me there on the dirt floor of Uganda and showed me the beauty of what I was missing out on.

And boy do I love this woman:

I could never repay this gift of confidence that she gave me through her joy-filled tears, but with your help, I would love to bless her and her beautiful family with a milking cow. Monica and her husband, William, are still raising their youngest five children along with one of their grandchildren.

 What a blessing a milking cow would be to so many cute little bellies! Would you consider donating? I could really put the pressure on by telling you that my birthday is next week, and donations towards this new found cow love of mine would bring a huge smile to my face! ;) ;)

To donate, use the button below and select "Families of Hope" and put "a cow for Monica" in the comments.  Thank you ♥

So, how much does a milking cow cost?  It varies.  You can get a newborn calf for as little as $100 to a full grown milking cow for $800.  However many funds are raised will determine what we are able to purchase :)

Written by Chelsie Reading