Will you join us?

Of the multiple trips my husband and I have traveled to Uganda none have been together.  God has used each trip to stir us towards His will and glory.  Each trip He has revealed ways we need to walk in obedience to Him. He uses each trip to open our eyes to just how big His grace is to all who love Him. He uses every trip to crush my fear and deepen my trust and reliance on Him.  Most importantly, He shows us how relational He is and how relational we ought to be - because He created us to be in relationship with Him and one another.  This is the only qualification you need.  He supplies the rest when you say yes to going.

The personal rewards God has abundantly gifted us through saying yes far out way the obstacles I always seem to think occur with a trip like this. For example, on my last trip I accompanied the medical missions team.  I have no skills to help heal the sick outside of prayer and really struggled with my place on the team.  However, that trip allowed 2 opportunities.  First, one of the children we support was sick when we arrived.  I was able to take her to the clinic and have one of our team members diagnose her.  She had a terrible cavity that was causing infections and we were able to tell the dad who promptly got her tooth removed (yes, it was THAT bad).   Later in the trip we made time to visit this same family at their home in the village. It was there we learned this family has been supporting 2 orphaned boys and an uncle, niece and nephew as well as their own 4 children.  I quickly got a better understanding of why they could not afford school fees.  Even better, by visiting their home, we saw they had no bathroom facilities, which is quite common in the rural village. This month will change that as they receive a pit latrine through generous donations to our Families of Hope program.

What will you encounter? There are the same types of broken people living in dire and fragile circumstances as here with the exception of the good safety nets we have.  But don't be fooled, joy abounds in those who have encountered Jesus. They are great teachers on learning to find joy not in circumstances but in God.

What will your Ugandan days look like?  Our goal is to share our lives as married couples with couples in the village.  So often you will see the women in church but necessarily their husbands.  These men, especially, need to hear encouragement from other men.  We simply want to let them know that we understand the roles they play as husband and wife and how God has shown up in our lives to help us fulfill those roles.  We will also meet physical needs by helping build a pit latrine and handing out life sustaining items through our Buckets of Love.

God has stirred a desire in Garrett and I to travel to Uganda together for a couples trip in early June 2016 and we would love for you to experience this trip with us.  Please feel free to email me at sarah@gendauganda.org for more information or to request a trip application.

In Christ,



Sarah is our Families of Hope Liason and Garrett is on the board for Converge|2:8, the parent organization of Genda Uganda