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We are excited to announce our January 2017 trip to Uganda.  God never stops amazing us with the way He speaks to each heart that makes the journey.  You may be thinking a certain skill set is needed but we can tell you that the only thing required is a heart open to how God may be knitting you together with His ministry in this beautiful land.  You will find the most hospitable, warm and loving hosts you can imagine to greet you every day. From home cooked meals to evenings spent in conversation, time at Mama Jesca's house is usually a big highlight of anyone's trip!

What will we DO you ask?  Our time will mostly be spent in two rural villages - Bibbo and Nakibole (pronounced like Nochibowlee).  God has faithfully met needs of these communities as a whole with school and church buildings as well as many HIV+ families individually.  Our ministry is committed to providing proper sanitation to families in need through our pit latrine projects and buckets of love program. These opportunities allow us to meet with our families and understand their current needs and more importantly be the hands and feet of Christ.  In Bibbo, you will get to visit the school that is currently receiving it's third much needed building.  This school is a lifeline to an education that would otherwise be unattainable because of finances and distance.  Having the opportunity to learn helps end the cycle of poverty for many of these families.  We have many sponsors of students at this school specifically to help ease the financial burden.  Just this past summer a well was built on property too.  Come on the trip and learn how access to education and water has changed this village! 

Our deep desire and prayer is to have partners in this ministry.  Many hands make for light work.  What I have personally seen from my visits is that God moves in individuals to meet the exact need He wants met.    His intention in our relationship with Him is to relate to one another in a gentle, compassionate love.  Maybe God is tugging at you to come with us. We would love to give you more details. You can also read more about our program here.

The estimated dates for our trip will be January 18-25 and the approximate cost will be $2500.00 which includes your airfare, visa cost and all in country expenses.  Both of these are estimates based on best cost for departure date.  $2500 is the max the trip will cost.  All donations toward your trip expenses are tax deductible.

For a trip application or more information, please email

We look forward to hearing from you!