About giving

Converge|2:8 is an IRS approved 501(c)3 tax-exempt organization committed to advancing the Gospel of Jesus Christ through the work of the Great Commission in all areas of life.  As such, we could not do what we do without your prayers and financial support. The following are the ministry fund allocations that allow you to direct your support to the ministry area you are feeling led to give towards*. 

  • General Operating Fund -funds are used to support the daily operating expenses of the ministry both US and Foreign. These funds are considered unrestricted and can be used to supplement other funds in the ministry as directed.

  • Families of Hope Fund - funds are used to support families affected by illness, disease, poverty or severe crisis including but not limited to educational needs, job training and nutrition. 

  • Building/Infrastructure Project Fund - funds are used to build churches and other facilities consistent with our mission. Each project will be approved by the board prior to fundraising and will have a unique "sub-fund". Funds remaining in the sub-fund after the completion of the project will be re-directed to a subsequent building project with board approval. 

  • Missions Fund - funds will be used to further the mission of Converge|2:8 around the globe. It will consist of the following "sub-funds". 

    • Missions General Fund - funds will be used to further our mission globally by meeting peoples spiritual, emotional and physical needs. 

    • Mission Trip Funds - these funds will be specific to a planned mission trip and will be raised by the trip participants. Any funds remaining after the trip will be applied towards the next mission trip. 

All of your gifts and donations are tax deductible to the extent allowed by law.   You will receive a year end tax statement in the mail outlining your contributions to the Converge|2:8 ministry to help you in tax preparation. If you have questions regarding your giving statements or fund designations please contact us anytime. 


*According to IRS regulations, in order to receive a tax deduction for donations to a non-profit organization, control of those funds must be given to the leadership of the non-profit. To facilitate your participation in giving, the Board of Directors has set up the above specific funds to which you can direct your donations. The Board seeks to respect your designation and directly use those funds for expenses in that ministry area. However, the Board reserves the right to redirect funds to wherever they are needed. The Board approved funds are General Operating, Families of Hope, Building/Infrastructure, St. John's, and Missions.