Pastoral Training & Support

Equipping Church leaders

We equip and strengthen Christian leaders through discipleship and training programs. This is achieved through conferences with church leaders as well as structured bible trainings. Our vision is to set up Pastors Bible Training School, the Ezra Bible School (Ezra 7:10), so we may train leaders that will eventually teach others  (2 Timothy 2;2).

Our future plan also includes stating a Mobile Bible School. Under the mobile school, rural pastors and church leaders will receive access to sound theological training and leadership skills development that will bring lasting biblical life changes in their communities. 

Church Planting/construction and pastoral support

Church planting and construction is a significant part of Converge 2:8 model for bringing the gospel and community transformation across Uganda. Since its inception, Converge 2:8 has supported the construction of 4 rural churches which are serving and bringing hope their local communities through the gospel.

We have one Pastor who has just started a church, and needs support for a permanent building. Usually, the local congregations will make the bricks for construction and provide some materials such as sand and timber. With a gift of 4,500 USD, a permanent building that accommodates up to 250 people can be constructed.


We also provide support to pastors in rural areas through educational sponsorships for their children and house construction.